Friday, February 17, 2006

SSJ's "Voice of the People"

This is a post to do nothing but to prove my bona fides as a voice of the people:

This is yours truly (in the back left), showing solidarity with the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, taken in April 2005 in Buenos Aires. I joined their weekly Thursday march in front of the Casa Rosada. And I did feel like a true descamisado (even though I didn't remove my shirt).


Scooter said...

Is the shirt brown?

love johnson said...


Scooter said...

Btw, I envy you your trip. I've wanted to visit BA and much of the rest of Argentina since 4th grade. We had a geography class text that told various countries' stories by following a couple of 4th graders around and showing the way they lived. I was immediately hooked.

Are the steaks as good as they are rumored?

love johnson said...

Yes, they are. Not seasoned much at all, but very good and very cheap. In fact, for American's, it is a very cheap place to visit. The biggest expense is getting there. I would highly reccommend a trip down there. Cathy and I have talked since we came back about going again.

The country is so much more than BA - the only drawback is that you have to fly from place to place. Driving isn't recommended and they don't really have a train system. Buses are on option, but only if you can speak and understand Spanish. The positive thing about flying is that 1) the flight attendants still wear dresses and look like ours did in the 60's and 2) they serve REAL food with REAL untensils (guess the post 9/11 memo hasn't made it down there).

Better like meat, pasta and salad - that is about the extent of the food. They are not big on veggies.

Scooter said...

Now I really want to go.