Friday, February 17, 2006

Why We Fight

From today's Houston Chronic: The director on his conclusion after making the film: "We fight because it's lucrative, thanks to collusion among the defense industry, Congress, the Pentagon, think tanks and media."

On Michael Moore: "[He] inspires young people to be engaged in the politics of our time. And that is a tremendously valuable contribution." On his politics: "I'm a radical centrist." Whatever that is.

Yep, LJ, sounds like a movie for you.


Scooter said...

At least Jarecki's tone seems less shrill. Bet he sits next to Jimmy summer '08.

Scooter said...

I've never quite figured out why the left, so dismissive of DDE as a sort of dullard do nothing president who only played golf while the country ran itself, gives so much credence to the "military industrial complex."

While I certainly wouldn't support a war to make stockholders wealthy, I am grateful for the MIC. We can't defend ourselves and attempt to spread democracy (in a spectacular realization of Wilsonian vision) OR, if one is inclined to see a difference, nation build/colonize/build an empire/remedy decades of failed realpolitik policy without the MIC.

And, the I in the MIC goes not only unheralded, but is demonized...not even getting the "I support the troops but not the war."