Friday, March 03, 2006

Hispanic Vote, today and tomorrow

From today's World Magazine online:

Mr. Carrillo [member of the Texas Railroad Commission] notes, though, that "inertia" can get in the way: "My parents and grandparents were Democrats, and that's how we as a people have always voted," even though the Democrats now stand for social principles most Hispanics oppose. How to break through? "The GOP needs to look for, hire, train, and retain more highly qualified Latino candidates."

One such candidate is Mr. [Alex] Castano [in March 7 GOP primary, ultimately pitted if successful against Jason Earle, son of Ronnie Earle], whose mother came to the United States as a poor Argentine who spoke broken English. Since he understands "what it's like to be considered a second-class citizen," what he sees as Democrats' treatment of Hispanics particularly frustrates him: "They take us for granted." He says the Democratic message is, "You poor, dumb Hispanics. Here's a handout, so give us your loyalty and your vote in exchange." He says that Hispanics don't see themselves as "victims" and don't respond well to being classified that way.

If Reagan could capture 47% of the Hispanic vote in '84, we've done very poorly since following up. Full disclosure: Although I don't live in Alex Castano's district, he is a friend and a member of my church.

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