Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Dennis Miller Update

Found out yesterday that he is on a local station here in Dallas at 8pm. So I thought I would give him a listen. I tuned in around 9:30pm and I lasted all of about 3 minutes, maybe. I don't know who he was talking to, but I could couldn't get past all the "babe" references. I don't have a transcript, so I'm having to do this from memory:

"So, babe, I mean I saw you on Hannity & Colmes the other night and what got you all amped up? I mean, babe, we're just sitting here, taking normally and while I disagree with you in some areas, I feel like we have a connection and I can at least hear what you are trying to get across. The other night, what got you so worked up man, talk to me babe."

But as amazing as that was, the response from his quest was even better. I assume the guest was on H&C along with Michelle Malkin (I have no idea who she is - I'm sure Mike and Scooter do). So as the guest is trying to explain what got him so amped up, Dennis breaks in and this exchange takes place - again, from memory):

Dennis: "I mean, babe, you called her a prostitute - where did that come from? I mean, man, a prostitute?"

Guest: "Yea, I called her that, but you have to understand, I meant it in a political sense. I said it in a political context - I didn't call her a 'real' prostitute, I was calling her a 'political' prostitute."


What I gathered was that the guest didn't explain his context on H&C, nor did he throw in the "real" vs "political" part. He just used the term "prostitute" and everyone just missed his "context".

I just love the whole "taken out of context" arguement that most pundits take when they are called on their comments. I don't even think that Dennis was calling this guy out for what he said, he was just wondering what got him so worked up. But the guest went immediately to the "taken out of context" defense.

By 9:35 I had tuned out. I doubt I'll be tuning back in any time soon, babe.

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