Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Scooter a Racist

I love History of the English-speaking Peoples Since 1900 so far, so I am a white supremacist.

From Jonah Goldberg at The Corner, Johann Hari has written, “Pigmentation—the old basis for dominance—is now discredited, so he [Andrew Roberts] has politely switched to linguistics.”

Or so Hari contends Roberts has advised George W. Bush. I know nothing of the Springbokers so I hope I don't eventually find out I have been duped, but I'll be shocked, shocked I say, if that turns out to be so.

It just couldn't be because we (the pigmentally-challenged) have gotten some things right. I personally prefer the term "The West" but that might take in too many of the EU. Probably too much Tolkien influence.

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