Thursday, October 30, 2008


23% of Texans think Obama is a Muslim.


Scooter said...

While I hate to pooh-pooh my alma mater, bologna.

Michael said...

The poll was conducted by the University of Texas Department of Government. By Texas’ standards, UT may be the closest we have to a bastion of liberalism.

Now here’s the rest of the story:

The poll was conducted solely on the internet.
One-third of the respondents are 18-34 years old, but only 20% of the voters are in that age bracket.
The survey’s respondents were 31% Hispanic but only 16-17% of voter turnout is Hispanic.
The survey had 49% of its respondents with only a high school education or less, which is not representative of Texas polls.
The results were roughly even in terms of partisanship even though Texas is eight points more Republican than Democrat.
Other than that, this survey looks fine.

Stephanie said...

Oh good. Glad it's just a bad poll. I was going to have to donate money to the Texas secession party.