Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is what I've been saying and why the polls are undercounting McCain

by a margin that means McCain wins. If you have any interest at all on why I thought that McCain would win (but became convinced when I saw the Tipp poll for October 21), read the whole thing:

"The Bradley Effect is merely a subset of the 'socially desirable answer' phenomenon. People tend to tell pollsters the socially desirable answer."

Correction: Having read more carefully, let me amend: I don't know anything about the latter stuff in that post. My knee-jerk agreement was with the first few paragraphs. Call it Bradley or something else, the polls don't reflect what's going to happen when the curtain closes and Joe voter needs to make a decision about the fate of his country.


Stephanie said...

I think you're projecting.

Stephanie said...

Here's the thing: we have the chance to have an emotional grown up for a president. (On top of, for some of us, someone ideologically aligned.)

Michael said...

Huh? Mac is not an "emotinal grownup?" What kind of silly nonsense is that? Koolaid much?

Stephanie said...

A grown up would not have picked Palin.