Wednesday, October 15, 2008


"The default narrative is that Obama had to be a hard identity-politics leftist to start out in Chicago; had to gain street crediblity by suffering through Wright's racist diatribes; then had to be a liberal team-player as a rookie Senator from progressive Illinois, had to run to the left of Hillary in the primaries, and had to zig again in the general, but when elected will revert to his natural ease with bipartisanship and centrist leadership. All that is a bit of a stretch."


Scooter said...

This is as depressing a situation as I can recall. I was too young to be really upset at the President Ford loss to Presidnet Carter.

I didn't despair when Sen. Dole ran because Pres. Clinton was at least something of a pragmatist/centrist, even if he didn't want to be one. This is going to be an executive/legislative landslide (if not that a word?, then de facto).

That means two more Justices.

I have to blame us. For whatever reason we ended up with an honorable, but wrong on way too many points, candidate.

Scooter said...

I guess I'll add that I hope VDH and I are wrong and that Sen. Obama is much more centrist than he appears. I fear not.