Friday, November 14, 2008

Left/Right blogs

Are there other blogs where people from different ends of the political spectrum banter and discuss? I've seen sites that have areas cordoned off for writers from the left and writers from the right, but they don't talk to each other. I haven't seen others doing what we've been up to. Can't say I've looked all that much, though.

Michael's and my grandparents were dedicated to opposing parties. Our grandmother was a Republican and our grandfather, a labor union leader, was a Democrat. They both voted reliably to be sure to cancel out one another's votes. But I don't recall them ever arguing about politics. I spent a fair amount of time with them watching the Watergate hearings, which were no end of amusement to Grandpa. Maybe that wasn't much fun for Grandma.


Scooter said...

I don't know of any but have always wondered what the Matalin/Carville dinner table is like.

Stephanie said...

Oh, there was Crossfire. And I suppose that's what the Matalin/Carville dinner table is like. Unless they are truly just non-ideological game players.

Scooter said...

Having worked with James, I don't know but strongly suspect he just does his job. I've always liked him. I knew him in the early eighties and am always pleased when I see him working his craft.

I don't think he's a game player like Morris. I'm sure he's a lefty but his demeanor, I think, is a bit of an act.

I guess we could toss out the McLaughlin (sp?) Group for consderation but I find it unwatchable. And H&C on Fox but H&C are both unwatchable.

Stephanie said...

Oh yeah, McLaughlin Group. I love them. I even love Buchanan on there. The first thing I purchased on the internets (to see if it really worked, this shopping/buying from home magical thing) was a McLaughlin Group sweatshirt. I thought it'd be funny -- that people would see it as a funny thing to have. And I'm sure they did, but not in the laugh-out-loud-WITH-you kind of way that I intended. Rather in the laugh-behind-your-back kind of funny. And Colmes is too weak to count.