Monday, January 05, 2009

Dallas "winter" weather

The weather in the DFW is so weird. Saturday C and I were doing yard work (raking leaves, cleaning gutters, taking down Christmas decorations) wearing shorts with the temp near 80. Yesterday, it never got above 44. Today, freezing rain and temps near freezing. A week or so before we left for Wisconsin for Christmas, it was 80, then down to the highs in the 20's for 3 days, up to the 50's, then down to the 30's and back to the 70's in the span of 7 days.

Can anyone say...climate change????

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Stephanie said...

Crazy. Minnesota is just having a "real" winter, with a very cold and snowy December. Sometimes winter cheats and doesn't really get underway under January. Minnesotans believe in weather karma, so when we have an easy December we believe we will pay for it somehow (late arrival of spring, for example). I'm confident we have no weather debt this year; we are paid up and then some, and I hope that means early spring.