Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Daily Coyote

Shreve Stockton is a writer and photographer who has transplanted herself from NYC to a 12X12 cabin in Wyoming. In 2007, she was given a coyote pup, 10 days old, by a cowboy who'd just orphaned the pup by killing its parents and siblings (for his government job to protect cattle from coyotes) and who later becomes her boyfriend. She's raising the coyote, Charlie, and lives with him. She chronicled their first year in a book, The Daily Coyote, which I have not read. She also blogs about the experience here, with lots more pictures (beautiful pictures) than text. I recommend starting from the beginning, to enjoy watching Charlie grow up. Among other fascinating things, the coyote gets along great with her cat. Of course, there's plenty of criticism out there for her for raising a wild animal and for pimping out the coyote (besides the book, she sells calendars and T-shirts), and for giving (crazy) people the impression they should raise coyotes too (she strongly discourages this). I'm suspending judgment and just enjoying the beautiful photography of coyotes and Wyoming.

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