Friday, January 02, 2009

The last Cotton Bowl at the Cotton Bowl

To continue my sports theme for the past 2 days, I thought I would mention the Cotton Bowl game to be played today. Ole Miss vs Texas Tech. Normally, I would be for the SEC team (Ole Miss), but for reasons too complicated to go into, I'm rooting for a BIG TT win today.

I also won't get into the whole thing about why the game won't be played in Dallas or the Cotton Bowl stadium anymore. My interest is about why is the game being played on January 2, instead of the traditional Jan 1 date? It's a work day for most and the game will be over around 4-5pm, which will help nicely with the Friday afternoon traffic mess that is bad enough without adding 70,000 more folks around Fair Park. Nice planning. I guess they want everyone to get used to the traffic hell that will happen at the new "Jerry World" stadium in Arlington - a stadium that will hold between 85,000 to 100,000 (depending on the event) with even less parking and traffic flow options.

So long Cotton Bowl as we knew you - we'll miss you (maybe).

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Scooter said...

Ol' Miss is making my Horns loss look even worse.