Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act has the right all up in arms. A Business Week blog talks a bit about it here from the handmade toy angle. (It was just the first thing I googled.) I'm hearing about all kinds of unintended consquences...the weirdest of which is essentially making the sale of any book published before 1985 subject to fines because of some health issue.

I have no idea if any of the gripes are true or just alarmist but, if true, Congress needs to fix. Oh, I need to acknowledge that Pres. Bush signed it into law.

Apparently the first lawsuits were filed today, the law having gone into effect on 2/10.


Anonymous said...

The "right" including the American Library Association?

No problem on Bush. If anyone on the right had any doubts that he is an idiot, his signing of CPSIA proved it.

But, why single him out? Since only 3 senators and 1 congressman voted against it, CPSIA would have been veto proof, anyway.

Scooter said...

Just meant the right on radio, tv and blogs. I'm sure the ALA would have probs.

I single him out because I supported him on the big least until last September. I just don't know how the CPSIA slipped by me.

And of course you're wss just about unanimouse. Apparently nobody had any idea about this bill if the purported effects are really happening.

Stephanie said...

Bill was a knee-jerk reaction to "Chinese people are killing our kids". Mix fears about child safety with xenophobia and you've got unanimouse support for anything.

When I have some time, I may look into this further, but I think that I've read that at least some of the provisions are limited to newly made items (even though some people commenting about its horrors have failed to appreciate this).

Scooter said...

The point the rabid right is making is that if we can't get this right, we can't possibly get the bigger things (healthcare in particular) right. It's all about unintended consequences.

I have no idea about CSPIA. I'm a neophyte. Just seems like more of the same...we have to consider the consequences.

Take some time.