Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Re: Re: Jindahl is Brilliant

Here's how brilliant Jindahl is: It's estimated that Louisiana stands to get about $3.8 billion from the stimulus bill. Jindahl is crowing that he'll reject something under $100 million of that. So he's taking $3.7 billion instead (97% of the full amount), and getting Rethug bragging rights for being principled about taking/spending federal money.

I think there are principled reasons for governors to opt out of parts of the stimulus money. But it's a little silly to lionize them for given up pennies while they're taking dollars.


Stephanie said...

Here's another Jindahl tidbit. After making a prominent mention of Disneyland in his SOTU response last night, he takes his family to Disney World today. Someone cynical about politics, and Louisiana politicians in particular, might say "hmmmm".

love johnson said...

Come on Steph, I'm sure the trip was planned months in advance. The Republicans are all about being above-board, even if he is from Louisiana.