Thursday, February 26, 2009

I used to throw the Dallas Times Herald...

...which was Dallas's second paper back in the day...a long time ago. It was my second job after my stint at the chemical factory (that explains a lot). Every major city deserves two papers. What is better than burning up time at the coffee shop with ink on one's hands? To the extent this medium (the net) is causing the collapse of papers, I regret the medium.

R.I.P. the Rocky Mountain News. Even though it was published in the NY Post format, it was my paper of choice during my five years in Denver.

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Stephanie said...

Always makes me sad to see newspapers go down. We had two papers here. The St. Paul paper is a shadow of its former self, so now we really only have the Strib for a daily paper. We do though have a weekly alternative The City Pages that does just a few, often excellent, articles each week.

It just seems like papers are going to have to start charging for access to their content online if they're going to make it. It seems way too good to be true to be able to read them for free. And it is.