Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RE: Crips

Stephanie's post got me wondering about the name of the gang. Per Wiki:

The original name for the alliance was "Cribs", a name narrowed down from a list of many options, and chosen unanimously from three final choices, which included the Black Overlords, and the Assassins. Cribs was chosen to reflect the young age of the majority of the gang members. The name "Cribs" generated into the name "Crips" when gang members began carrying around canes to display their "pimp" status. People in the neighborhood then began calling them cripples, or "Crips" for short.

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Stephanie said...

Very interesting. I had the whole concept wrong. I assumed that it was a reference to crypts/death. Frankly, I think my idea is cooler; if only the kids would ask me, I could steer them toward cool.