Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Off with his head

Ok, the title is too strong for what I intend to be sincere advice from a member of the loyal opposition. And I don't mean the Treasury Secretary.

I think White House Press Secretary is one of the most under-appreciated jobs in the White House. It has got to be extremely difficult facing a press corps that has the advantage of being able to specialize in areas of expertise while the WHPS is only one person getting good info (and bad) from many sources and is limited in what s/he is allowed to say.

Having said that, as a supporter of a president who had exactly one good WHPS for all of about a year in an eight year administration, President Obama needs someone who can inspire just a bit more confidence. Mr. President, don't let too much loyalty to Mr. Gibbs do too much harm to your administration.

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Stephanie said...

I agree that Gibbs isn't good enough at the job. I loved Mike McCurry.