Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shame on The Superior Gold Group

The radio is filled with ads from various gold groups hawking their wares in light of this economy. I've got no truck with folks trying to make a buck but shame on The Superior Gold Group. Their ads are full of Great Depression alarms--failing banks, terrible stock market, etc....

I suspect the ads are specifically targeted at the old, infirm and poorly-read.

I own gold as a small percentage of my sad portfolio but would never buy from these guys.

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B. Sands said...

Good day, I am writing you because I am the president of Superior Gold Group. I vigorously work to make sure our name is not associated with some of the fly by not precious metals companies out there. I am not asking anyone to believe in our financial perspective, you can invest your millions with the Bernie Madoffs and unscrupulous investment banks of the world, however we have analyzed the markets and believe that the economic health of the country is in trouble.

Please consider giving me a call so that we can discuss your opinions of gold and I want to convince you that you may or may not agree with our economic perspectives but at least you can have a true look at our company. Call anytime, 888.969.6465.

When you make blanket statements like these about companies you know little about, you cause harm to the employees and reputation of our firm, unjustly. We have maintained an A rating with the BBB for over ten years. Please consider the harm you cause with such blanket allegations.