Monday, June 01, 2009

My Dad's S&W .357 Magnum Model 19-3

Pic here.

I took it to the range on Friday with a friend for the first time and it jammed. I've never had a revolver jam before and I was heartbroken. I must have done something wrong and thought I'd bent part of the revolver.

Turns out it wasn't bent but I'd used a brand of ammunition that is known as "dirty." That means that the formula of the gunpowder leaves a lot of residue in the gun after firing.

I asked a guy at the office today who knows a lot more than I about such things. "Oh yeah," he said, "that cheap stuff is made in Serbia and will jam anything." I bought the ammunition just after Dad died well before I really got into this hobby.

I'm still not sure I haven't broken the gun but I checked and my colleague was right about the country of origin. At least I'm feeling better about it not being me.

The other thing I learned after shooting the .357? Don't even think about getting a .44 Magnum (to go with my Marlin .44 Magnum cowboy action rifle); it would break my wrist.


Stephanie said...

Daily Show last night did a piece about guns as an investment: specifically, should you pick an AK 47 or an AR 47. (Answer: both, of course; one for each arm/hand.) One of the interviewees recommended buying one for your kids.

Scooter said...

I bet that AK 47 or "AR 15" is probably what was said. The gougers were really gouging from November to about March. In April the prices started coming back down; that is when I got my AR. The original AR design was by a company called ArmaLite who sold the design to Colt (I think)… hence the AR in the name…not “assault rifle.”

No, you cannot legally get one that is fully automatic so mine is semi-auto. Pull the trigger and only one bullet comes out. Nope, never shot it...just had to have one. They look so cool.

The AK was designed by a Soviet tank sergeant called Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947. Automatic, Kalashnikov, 47; hence the name.

Yes, I’m a geek. Dad would be proud.

No kids so I'll just have to leave to my nephew.