Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Reliable Wife

This is another of the Parade magazine recommendations that I was enticed to check out. The 3 or 4 sentence blurb in Parade mentioned Wisconsin, trickery and betrayal, a gothic tale of romance and seduction. I admit - I was hooked. Then I started reading it and to say it was slow would be an understatement. And the love scenes were straight out of the Bronte mold. Think Wuthering Heights, but set in northern Wisconsin. Thankfully, it wasn't as long the Bronte classics, but it seemed like it was. The only thing that keep me going was the "trickery and betrayal" angle, but that went away about half-way thru. This might be more of a "chick book", but my Mom even said it was "strange" and "a bit slow". If you are into the Bronte-style novel and lengthy descriptions of snow or rooms or houses or "gothic seduction", then this is the book for you. If you aren't, then I would say keep away and definitely be wary of Parade magazine.

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Stephanie said...

Wuthering Heights one of my all time faves. Still, I haven't read anything labeled as "romance" in decades -- except a lot of Kradam slash fan fiction.