Friday, July 10, 2009

There was no a**-gazing

No, Pres. Obama was not staring at the 16 year old's a**. Video here.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha. You're kdding, right???

Stephanie said...

Oh sure, weigh in on this, but nothing on your BB Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Stupid: ABC News Spins on Obama's Check-Out
The most amusing thing here is that ABC News desperately wants to absolve Obama from the sin of checking out a 16-year-old's ass... but has no problem claiming Sarkozy was the guilty party.

The studio's liberal workers peal with laughter as Sarkozy, rather than Obama, is accused. Because, you see, as comedians say, Obama is just not funny under any circumstances. Accuse Obama of this and it's silent as a funeral; accuse Sarkozy and suddenly the liberal staffers at ABC "get" what is so damn funny about this.

ABC News is pretty sure he's only watching his own footing, despite the fact that he has stopped moving and is safely positioned on the stair when he looks down in the direction of the 16-year-old's booty. Oh, maybe he's looking at her footing. Or someone's footing. Or anything, except that which it appears he's looking at.

Not only that, ABC News is pretty sure this is purest gallantry on Obama's part; he's just trying to make sure that Pretty Young Thing successfully navigated the stairs.

How dare you for suspecting otherwise.

Now Sarkozy on the other hand.... Maybe comics can start replacing the name "Obama" with "Sarkozy," and then maybe they can find some humor in this presidency.

Meanwhile, the President leaves the G-8 with a huge consolation prize:

He's got his hand on her footing.

Or Maybe He Was Bowing To Her Ass? I seem to remember the media spinning in the same who-are-ya-gonna-believe-Obama-or-your-own-lyin'-eyes when he clearly bowed to the Saudi king, too.

In the nineties, liberals and the media (BIRM) engaged in semantic parsing to try to explain that Clinton wasn't really lying when his words were clearly dishonest. (Depends on what the meaning of "is" is; I was never alone with Monica Lewinsky, not once, except when I was playing hide the cigar with her, but I never "felt" like we were alone; depends on how you define "sexual relations.") In these cases the media offered "context" and "fresh ways of looking at the evidence" all of which, of course, were intended to discredit the obvious truth at hand.

And now, in the late 00's, the media is engaging in photographic or visual parsing with Obama. A look is not really a look; a bow is not really a bow. It may appear that way to you, but that is just because you are unsophisticated and lack the expert look- and bow- analytical abilities of your superiors, the MSM, and furthermore, you lack a crucial understanding that the MSM has and you don't: Obama never errs and never appears the fool, ever, never ever ever.

This latter fact -- as hard-wired into the structure of the universe itself as the speed of light -- trumps all other supposed "facts."

Stephanie said...

He is so clearly not looking at her ass -- he's looking down at that step while he's talking to the young lady that he's helping. You're seeing things if you see something else.