Monday, March 08, 2010

House of Blues

C and I finally went to the House of Blues here in DFW on Saturday night. We've been wanting to go ever since it opened, but always had scheduling problems when there was someone we wanted to see performing. A few months ago, I was listening to one of the 3 FM stations I regularly frequent on-line (one from Austin, one from Seattle and one in Fayetteville, AR) when they played a 30 minute block from a band I had never heard of - Sound Tribe System 9 (or STS9 as most of their fans call them). I knew nothing about them and when I saw they were going to be at the HOB on a weekend night, I talked C into going. Only after I bought the tickets did I find out from C's college-aged niece that STS9 were a "stoner band". But, since we already had tickets, C and decided what the hell - if it were awful, we'd just check out the rest of HOB.

HOB was a very cool place and we will definitely go back. The performance space was intimate but has great sight-lines (we were in the balcony) and the sound quality was great. Next time we'll go a bit early and eat there and try to get the entire HOB experience.

As for the concert itself, I liked it, though after a bit the songs all sounded sorta similar. And I wouldn't label them as a "stoner" band - I'd call them a "rave" band. I've never been to a rave, but from what I know about them, this was like a mini-rave (lots of glow-sticks). Their light show was incredible and I was a bit nervous about that given my current medical state. Thankfully, nothing happened and other than my ears ringing from the sound, no other ill-effects. They played a little over an hour, then were taking a break and C had had enough.

One last thing - I was afraid I'd be the oldest person there and for awhile (at least in the balcony section), it seemed liked I would be. But as it filled up, there were a few folks that at least appeared older (some there with their kids).

Here is a video of STS9 playing the song that was our favorite:

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