Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What kind of hawk visits me often?

This hawk (acually a pair of them) visits weekly:

He's there on the top of the swing. I have to take the pic from inside so I can't get a better shot.

The pair come in and scope the yard looking for insects and worms. My best guess is that they are Coopers Hawks. These are shots of Coopers that I snatched from the web:

The other possibility is Red Shouldered Hawk:
I think I have to go with Coopers.


Stephanie said...

Cool! That's funny that they have a weekly schedule.

Scooter said...

See 'em around the neighborhood all the time but the visit is usually on Wed or Thurs.

love johnson said...

I would think Cooper's, but usually the way you can tell is either by the tail and/or breast color.