Tuesday, January 31, 2006

American Idol

OK, a little different for us. If Althouse* can do it without being embarrassed, why can't we?

I've watched with varying degrees of interest since it started. I enjoy the early bad stuff more than the end game. I have realized this season that I apparently have no ear for good singing. People I thought were no good were praised by the judges and people I thought terrible weren't according to the judges.

Scooter and LJ, you (at least at some time in the distant past) had the pulse of the music scene; what say ye?

*Like she needs my reference. I assume if you're reading this you know who Althouse is, so why the reference? Because if you don't, you must. She's that good.


love johnson said...

don't know who she is - enlighten me.

as for american idol - never watched it, never will

Scooter said...

LJ, Althouse a very interesting blogger that M linked in original post.

Sorry, M, same for me on Idol. Somehow I suspect I know the reason for your ever having watched it in the first place.

Scooter said...

On the other hand, I did admit here that I'm a complete Galactica nerd.