Tuesday, January 31, 2006

re: american idol

I think most people watch it for the freak factor. To laugh at them, to hear the judges mock them - no other reason. The "winners" wouldn't get the time of day from record companies (in fact, I think I have read that many of the contestants tried and tried before AI and were turned down, of course) - it's only because they make it to the semi-finals or something that they get to record anything (part of the deal of winning).

Music is all about taste. What you may like, I may hate. I remember, back in the day, walking down the main drag in college and hearing some music coming from a store. I was drawn to it, because it was different. And thus, I turned my friends on to Joe Jackson. My friends said.."who"? And I said..."you won't be asking that in a couple of years". And the rest, as they say, is history.

(And before you get all James Frey on me - the paragraph above is a memoir and is how I remember the event. Some of the names, places and events may have been embellished.)

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