Friday, February 03, 2006

Lileks Uses Scooter’s Contribution

An ardent fan of James Lileks since discovering his website via link at Bill Whittle’s ejectejecteject, I was pleased this morning to see I’d made a small contribution to today’s Bleat.

In yesterday’s Bleat (I’d link it but the most recently archived Bleat seems to be Wednesday’s), he mentioned that he had been doing a lot of his writing lately standing up. I’ve been searching for an affordable stand-up desk that doesn’t look like a drafting table for several years now so I can get off my duff for at least some of the day at the office. During that search I somehow learned that our Secretary of Defense uses one so I sent Mr. Lileks a link to Department of Defense photo showing Secretary Rumsfeld at work.

I was tickled when Lileks wrote me back just a few hours after I sent him my note; I can’t imagine how many emails he must get in a day. (Reminded me of January, 2001 when I wrote Marvin Olasky, Editor in Chief of World Magazine, out of the blue at his UT email address asking for church recommendations in Austin...sent that one about midnight and he replied about five hours later.)

Lileks included the DOD link in today’s Bleat. I couldn’t be happier. My work is done. I'm taking the day off.

(Could I possibly have squeezed in any more gratuitous references to real bloggers in a pathetic hope of getting noticed?)

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