Monday, January 30, 2006

the latest "trial of the century" begins today

A trial that many Houstonians, and ex-Houstonians, have been waiting for starts today. Trying to put myself in the mind of Lays' attorney - do you argue that he was just incompetent? A CEO who had a huge salary, but did nothing (being involved, oversight, leadership) to earn it? Would I, as a jury member, even believe this defense?

The drama, of course, will be when the other "senior executives" rat him out and testify against him. Of course, even if he is found guilty, he'll declare that he doesn't have any assets to pay any restitution and will spend any prison time at a River Oaks Country Club style prison. Of course, if he were a friend of the Clintons and/or a Democrat, he'd be sent to a place where "husband and wife" has a much different connotation.

hostile jury, ya think?


Michael said...

I've seen Kenny Boy a couple of times in the elevator in my building. I guess some of his lawyers office here. He's not very tall.

Scooter said...

As for the Kenny and Enron poitical stripes, the campaign contributions went about 3:1 in favor of Republicans (especially the President). So while overwhelmingly the bucks went to Republicans, the money taken by Democrats was nothing to sneeze at.


love johnson said...

perhaps short person syndrome?