Thursday, February 23, 2006

Best Pro DP World Argument I've read, but...

I'm still agin' it.

It's a thorough and fairly long article...about 20 paragraphs, but anyone who can work in references to Kipling and Maugham deserves to be cited.

From James Glassman at Tech Central Station and the American Enterprise Institute:

"Using Schumeresque logic, the U.S. should ban flights into the U.S. by airlines from Arab countries, and we should certainly bar any cargo from being loaded in Arab ports and bound for the U.S. ("If you are worried about a bomb in a box going off in New York, you need to worry about who loads the container overseas rather than the terminal operator who unloads it in the U.S.," says someone who actually knows something about port security, Theodore Price of Optimization Alternatives, a Texas company that provides terminal-operating software.) In fact, one would suppose that Dubai, with billions at stake, would be more careful -- not less -- about assisting in anti-terror activities at U.S. ports if it is actually operating them."

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