Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Re: Needed laugh and Bush II economic policies

There's lots here but quickly: LJ: You've been my good dear (Scooter: back off the Brokeback references) friend since eighth grade. I was as upset as anyone when ["your company" - I can't recall if you've named it so I've changed my original post] did what it did.

However: You seem to be coming from an idea (ideal?) that once hired you were an employee for life. I can see why you might think that. Your mother (at said-company) and my father (at Texaco for 35+ years) were examples of how the big oil companies used to employ people for life. You got caught on the short side of the old days.

Said-company outsourced your job to improve the bottom line. That's its mandate: maximum return for its investors.

Now: I'm out of my area and I'll let Scooter clean up my droppings.

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