Thursday, March 23, 2006

Re: "Very musically challenged"

I'm going to assume that's me. I don't know that "______-challenged" is the same as "I don't dare." I don't care about the varieties of brussel sprouts; does that mean I'm "brussel sprouts-challenged?" That said, "mash-ups," as the kids call them, are funny novelties. You're not suggesting they're new music, are you?

Which brings me to "new" music. Although I was the first white man (or any other man including the cutting-edge LJ) I know to play and promote a very different sound on an album titled "Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five," I can't stand what has ensued. If this is the future of new music, I'm happy with my Benny Goodman, Frank, Ella, and Hank Williams.

[I'll not recount the whole Joe Jackson story here.]

I never listen to pop or rock radio stations unless forced to in a car with someone else. I've heard only a couple of things in the last ten years that have made an impression on me: The Cranberries and The Barenaked Ladies. The first for the singer and the second for the clever (and very poppish (which I think is a good thing; think Beatles)) melodies and lyrics.

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