Monday, March 20, 2006

Re: Where is everybody?

I can only speak for myself:

Had in-laws in town Wednesday thru Sunday.
Was attending the NCAA regional here in Dallas (how does Arkansas lose to Bucknell???).
Tried to stay dry over the weekend with the torrential rains/flooding.

Getting home from the basketball games last night was quite an adventure. We made it, but I hadn't seen street flooding like that since I left Houston.

Were you spring-breaking in Corpus? Aren't you a bit old for that?


Scooter said...

Ok, sounds like you had plenty to do. Not so much spring breaking...never even touched the beach...just needed to get out of town before my head exploded.

Scooter said...

And, there's no way TUT should have advanced this far in light of its "up and down performance" this year except by the lucky seeding.

But I'll take it.