Monday, February 26, 2007

I guess it was worth it...

On Saturday I went to lunch at a newly opened Hyde Park Grill in South Austin (nowhere near Hyde Park, by the way). I pulled into a parking spot next to a new black Mazda Miata convertible with the top down. I carefully opened my door until it caught in that first groove so I wouldn’t ding him. If I’d opened the door to that last groove I would’ve dinged him for sure. I reached over to grab PD James’ Children of Men and my reading glasses when a thirty-five miles per hour gust caught my door. Ugh. It wasn’t a little ding. It was five inches in diameter and three quarters of an inch deep, high on the passenger door since my truck (even my little truck) rides so much higher than the Miata.

First reaction? You know d--n well what was my first reaction. I started the truck and moved it three rows over and went into the restaurant. I did everything right. I’m always careful. I didn’t do the slamming, the wind did.

Second reaction? Nausea. I asked the waiter for a pen, wrote a note on my business card (see World's Ugliest Business Card below) and lodged it in the driver’s seat.

He just called to thank me. Can't wait to get that bill.

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Michael said...

I don't believe you ran away.