Thursday, March 01, 2007

Biggio cliche watch

"Former KPRC (Channel 2) sports director Chris Wragge has switched from sports to news and now anchors midday afternoon newscasts on WCBS in New York. He also will fill in next month on CBS' The Early Show. He e-mails: 'I continue to, if I may quote Craig Biggio, take it day by day and treat every newscast like it's my last.'"

Wraggee refers to Biggio's well-known penchant for giving interviews that are laden with sports cliches. If you're a sportswriter and you want a quote with some insight or originality, Bidge is not your man. It would be interesting if someone went back over the twenty years of Bidge's career and tabulated the cliches. [Note to LoveJ: Great project for your next hiatus!]

I'm second to none in my admiration for Bidge and his talents, but listening to his interviews is painful.

I heard just such an interview on the radio this morning and intended to put it up, but it doesn't look like the Chronic has it. So to demonstrate that the exception proves the rule, here is a profile of Bidge from a few days ago that is largely (and remarkably) cliche-free.

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