Monday, February 26, 2007

Re: 2008 Election

I agree with Michael at the moment that Rudy is the current hands down favorite on the Republican side. Romney has a long way to go but I think he can make a run, even if just to secure the number two spot. The big advantage over sitting senators? Execs have to do.

Senators are non-executives. Their job is to dicker, not decide. Accordingly, there is no sound any Senator loves more than his or her own voice.

The exception in this election is that there is one sitting Senator in the running with a great deal of executive experience...Hillary. She may not have been the one signing the bills or (formally) issuing orders, but she was there right next to the Arkanasas Chief Exec and the US Chief Exec for what was it..20 years? Was it 12 as gov'nuh and then, of course, the 8 as Prez? That's a lot of experience.

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