Thursday, June 05, 2008

With apologies to Mr. Lileks

Dang. I can't figure out how to post a Holland House Cocktail Mixes ad I just found in a December, 1963 Life Magazine.

Picture a Rob Petrie-like man with smile on his face leaning back on the couch feet on stool with lovely wife Laura sitting on the floor next to him with her elbow on the couch as she gazes lovingly. The picture is funny enough but the text just kills:

This is Mrs. Charles C. Walters of San Mateo, California, a very considerate wife. Today, between the hours fo 4:30 and 6:00 p.m., she bathed the baby, fed the other two children [apparently they did better than replacement rate in 1963] and sent them out to play, freshened herself up, started dinner and still had time to greet her husband with a refreshing, delicious Daiquiri.

Picture is beneath that paragraph and this paragraph follows:

This is Charlie Walters, a very tired husband. Today he got a call from the comptroller about his expense account, was told his raise would be held up six months, and rode home in a bus that broke down twice. Home at last, he's welcomed with an utterly delicious Daiquiri. Actually, Charlie was looking forward to a Bourbon Manhattan [isn’t that like saying a gin martini?]. But he drank the Daiquiri and had to admit it was great. (And why not? It was made with his own favorite rum!) Maybe tomorrow Marge will make him a Bourbon Manhattan. She makes all kinds of cocktails equally well with Holland House Cocktail Mixes.

Oh to live in 1963 forever.


Stephanie said...

That's hilarious. Is she wearing heels? Can you scan it and turn it into a jpeg?

Stephanie said...

or are you seeing it on your computer?

Stephanie said...

Scooter said...

Argh. I had scanned it in but it's in pdf. Can't get the whole ebay link you cite. If you can post the pic, please feel free.

Stephanie said...

I've got a Mac, so this may not be helpful. I can open a pdf in Adobe, command it to "print". A window pops up that lets me set a bunch of parameter, but also allows me to ask to see a "preview". Once it opens in preview mode, I can use "File/Save As" to select "jpeg" and save it as jpeg.