Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin on life of the unborn

As described in the Fairbanks paper and elsewhere, Trig Palin was expected to be born May 18, 2008. In mid-April, Gov. Palin, age 44, traveled to an energy conference in Texas. On April 18, while in Texas, she began to leak amniotic fluid. She talked to her doctor on the phone and then got on a commercial flight to travel to Alaska, without seeing a doctor in Texas.

To recap: Her pregnancy was "at risk" by definition due to her age, this was a month before the baby was due, she was leaking amniotic fluid and she got on a plane without seeing a doctor.

I know how romantic the idea is of women popping out babies without making a fuss about it, but this was ridiculously irresponsible and showed no regard for the health and well-being of the baby. I think Trig had the moral right, if not a legal right, to get medical care in Texas. His little life was risked when she instead got on a long flight to Alaska. He was born a month early within hours of her landing in Alaska. Labor had to be induced, so something was amiss.

Why should we care? Couple reasons: 1) it's an example of her decision-making in the midst of a risk-filled situation; and 2) it's inconsistent or hypocritical to take a pro-life position (and trade on it for political purposes) and then be so cavalier about the health and well-being of viable Trig.

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