Wednesday, September 03, 2008

If I could stop vomiting...

I could write a post telling you that Katherine Kersten is today peddling the myth of Sarah Palin as a gritty hero for ignoring the onset of labor to deliver her speech at that energy conference:

"We were at a national governors meeting on energy in Dallas when Sarah went into labor," said Lingle. "She handled it remarkably, and it's a great example of her talents and toughness. After the keynote speaker canceled at the last minute, Sarah stepped in. She gave an outstanding address on strategic energy policy. Then she boarded a plane back to Alaska to deliver."

Though Lingle didn't know it, Palin was aware this delivery would be different from her others. She would give birth to little Trig, who has Down syndrome. Palin's decision to give Trig life has become a rallying cry for social conservatives.

Kersten fails to recognize Palin's decision to risk Trig's life. Find one woman or one doctor or one commercial pilot who isn't appalled that Palin got on a plane under those conditions: 1) leaking amniotic fluid; 2) 43 or 44 years old; 3) a month early; 4) mild contractions; 5) Down syndrome (I've read they have greater health risks at delivery, but I don't know if that is true).

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