Saturday, September 06, 2008

Barracuda tried to ban books?

Um, no. Although you would believe otherwise if you read this lie on Obama's website: "But a recent list of books that she wanted banned from the Wasilla Public Library truly demonstrates that Palin not only has no new ideas, but is really a throwback to days of old when we needed to always be full of fear, to go back to days when we had a less than equal world and where anyone who does not look like Sarah Palin must fight every day for the same rights and privileges that she and her family have come to take for granted."

There is no such list. The story that this lie is based on is here. I admit that I'm more that a little troubled by the inquiry about censoring books, and that the explanation that it was some sort of loyalty test seems weird, but that's no excuse for Obama to publish an internet rumor as fact. I'm sure that there will be a fuller explanation forthcoming.

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Stephanie said...

Yep, they're wrong about the list and should take it off the site. Is it true that she fired the librarian after she answered that she was not willing to ban books, though she later re-hired her after community pressure to do so?