Thursday, January 29, 2009


Via Facebook, I've connected with a friend from junior high school who now owns a Crossfit gym. He is rabidly enthusiastic about Crossfit. It helped him lose 50 pounds and be "stronger, fitter, leaner" at 45 than he was at 25. Crossfit is an exercise regime that uses its website to designate a workout for each day, but they don't recommend embarking on a Crossfit program without a few hours of training with a certified Crossfit trainer (they are sprinkled about the country) to learn proper techniques and how to scale or modify the workouts for your fitness level. The daily workouts "as prescribed" are brutal. Observe. The first time I watched this video, I quit midway through thinking that I'd seen enough and gotten the picture. But I just watched it all the way through and realize that it just continues to get more compelling to the end. And the cameraman finally finds the story.

I did a miniature version of Sunday's workout and am still sore.