Friday, January 30, 2009

The Lamentation of the Day

I wish we had moved much more slowly on the Stimulus Plan. I know, President Obama had hoped to have something to sign on day one, but I wish his fingerprints were more prominent. To me, this just seems like Democrat more of the same. I regret that if the President had just taken a couple of months...he still could have put more $$$ into the economy this year than the current plan (not that I'm a Keynesian now but if we're going to spend like this, let's get it into ifnrastructure and not the NEA...the NEA funds may be a good idea, but stimulus it is not). Pelosi in particular really seemed to thwart the President's wish for bipartisanship. Shock.


Stephanie said...

Yeah, I'm with you Scooter. There would be more to gain (in credibility, in bipartisan buy-in) by limiting this to real stimulus rather than there is in using it as a chance to promote liberal policy goals (which I may concur with, but just didn't want to see it here). The Senate's bill is quite a bit shorter (400+ pages) than the House bill (600+ pages), so presumaby has less policy-promotion-spending and maybe the final bill will be more tailored. Haven't read either of them yet. It's too many pages to print, but it's too much to read online. Was working on a post to this effect, but had some things I wanted to look into before finishing.

Stephanie said...

And lamentation is exactly my mood about it.