Friday, January 30, 2009

Scooter's Problems with Steele

I know Bennett loves him but I've got some problems with this guy. First, there will be charges of,, too!

Second, from a purely selfish standpoint, he's kinda weak on the 2d Amendment.

Finally, he has a real tendency to lapse into (maybe lapse isn't the right word...I think he's catholic school educated so it almost comes across more as affected) brother-speak. I only say that from hearing him host Bennett's show...probably I've heard him about 15 or 18 hours since the election. I guess he's entitled but it goes against one of the hopes I have for the current administration, namely that African-Americans (males in particular) will see that getting a good education isn't acting white and that the preservation of the family (dads sticking around and being a parent) is important.

Getting that high school diploma and keeping the family together just about guarantees middle-class status.

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