Monday, January 26, 2009

A post for Big Families

Putting aside all the demographic plusses the Mark Steyn discusses in America Alone, I had the privilege of attending a memorial service this weekend for a guy who died way too early at 48 (maybe off a bit on the age but far too young). I witnessed a Large Extended Family coming together is support of one another like I've never seen before.

I know that the support and love had a great deal to do with the Patriarch and late Matriarch of this family but also with the quality of their children one of whom was the subject of the service. It also had a great deal with the quality of the friends of those children (also speaking well of the Patriarch and Matriarch because of the childrens' choice of friends).

I was particularly touched by the feelings expressed by a (now adult) former stepson of the deceased. This stepson gave nothing but grief to his former stepfather in his late adolescent years...but acknowledged that his former stepfather had treated him like his real father (implicitly acknowledging that that means being chastised when the circumstances call for it).

The discussions, the hugs, the tears, the efforts to make things the best possible for the children of their late father...I was moved beyond belief.

Families make a big difference.

This family is special.

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