Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nostalgia in my closet

We must get a flyer on our door and/or a phone call once a week from some agency asking for old and used clothes. When we do have stuff for them, not much of it is mine. I keep telling myself that I'll wear that shirt again, or I'll fit into those pants (that used to be my favorite pair) again when I lose some weight, or I can't get rid of that T-shirt because of...whatever.

Well, I've recently accepted the fact that I won't wear certain shirts again, that some of those t-shirts have stains or holes or look like crap and while I might have at one time loved those jeans, getting into them again just ain't gonna happen. So I'm going to do a thorough cleansing of my closet. I'm going to be honest with myself while doing it and truly let go of a lot of stuff.

That being said, some things I won't get rid of. I was looking for a t-shirt to wear today for my daily 2 mile walk. As I was looking for one, I ran across a "Houston Rockets" t-shirt. Next to it was a "Houston Astros" t-shirt. And I reflected back on where they came from.....

When Exxon and Mobil merged back in 2000, I decided to move with my job from Houston to Dallas. It wasn't an easy decision for me, since I had basically lived in Houston my whole life and all my friends were there. And not just friends, but close friends. Really close friends. A few days before I left, they had a party for me. Not a big deal, just this small group of people that were like my family. Like the brothers and sisters that I never had. But more than just semi-siblings. My going away gifts were t-shirts from all of the Houston sports teams - Rockets, Aeros, Astros, Texans and even the Comets. At the time, I don't think I realised or expressed how perfect a gift that was. How touched I was, how much it meant to me to have a connection to "my" hometown teams. I still wear the Texans and Aeros shirts all the time. The Astros and Rockets not as much. And I'll admit now that I never wore the Comets one - I gave it to C.

I don't know whose idea it was - Scott's or Michael's or C's or T's. Maybe all of them. But to whomever came up with the idea and to them all, I don't think I ever told anyone how much those shirts meant to me. How much they still do. How much they always will.

They will be staying in my closet.


Scooter said...

I'd'a been there (the party) had I still been in Houston.

Stephanie said...

Love that story. Thanks for posting it.