Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shakespeare, the Barred Owl

Here is Shakespeare, the resident barred owl at the Minnehaha dog park. He looks small in this picture, but he's not. I find it really interesting that all dog park people who know about the owl, know that his name is Shakespeare. No one has ever said to me, "Say, there's Bob the owl." Wouldn't you think there'd be some folks who would give him their own name, or be mistaken about the name, or have misheard the name or mis-remembered the name?


Dan Collins said...

It doesn't make "the barred", i.e. the Bard, owl funny to call him Bob.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for your comment, Dan. Actually, not many people know what kind of an owl it is, so they're not getting that the name derives from the Bard/barred pun. Still, they all use the name Shakespeare for him.