Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The joy of home ownership

Can someone please tell me why anyone would want to own a home? They are all money-pits....the only mystery is to what degree. Throw in a pool and/or hot tub and the cost, headaches, and blood pressure just goes up.

Last Tuesday, the upstairs a/c unit stops cooling. We have a small freon leak and this happens every 11-12 months. It's easily fixed by calling out the a/c guy and having him fill up the freon. Two days later, on Thursday, the downstairs unit (which we never have had problems with) starts doing the same and making a weird noise every minute or so. A/C guy comes out yesterday, fills up the upstairs unit and says the compressor has gone out on the downstairs. He'll call today with a quote for a new compressor. Good thing, because I will need to to talk to him. Why? Because 3 hours after he left, the upstairs unit stopped working altogether....burning smell, loud whining noise.

So it looks like I'm going to be in the market for 2 NEW a/c units, plus new coils, plus installation. Oh joy.....

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Stephanie said...

Our light switch for the kitchen light isn't working this morning. When we moved in, there was only a pull chain light above the gas stove (great plan to have to lean over a gas stove to turn on the light), so K wired the light to switches. There are five -- count 'em five -- doors into the kitchen, and he installed switches at four. But alas something's awry. Electrician may be needed this time. Ka-ching.