Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Specter leaving Rethugs

This is really bad for my ilk. Rationed healthcare here we come.

Update: can McCain be far behind?

Update II: Ace reminds me that Phil Gramm at least had the decency to resign his Democrat congressional seat before running as a Rethug. My law school roommate (a big Dem.) was furious at the time. Whatever one thinks of Gramm, that seems the more honorable way to do it since those who elected you did so at least in part due to your party affiliation. From Wiki:

In 1976, Gramm unsuccessfully challenged Texas Democratic Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen, in the party's senatorial primary. Then in 1978 Gramm successfully ran as a Democrat for Representative from Texas's 6th congressional district. He was reelected to his House seat as a Democrat in 1980, and again in 1982.

Following his 1982 reelection, Gramm resigned his House seat on January 5, 1983, forcing a mid-term special election. Gramm ran in that election on February 12, 1983 to fill the vacancy that he had created, but as a Republican. Winning, he became the first Republican to represent the district since its creation. After he left the House the seat was retained for the Republican party by Joe Barton.

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Stephanie said...

It seems like an honorable thing to do, to resign first. Don't worry too much though. Specter won't vote in lockstep with Dems.