Thursday, April 30, 2009


I've put my toe in the Twitter water to see what the fuss is about. Reading Twitter is sort of like reading Herodotus, because they're both composed of letters.

As far as I can tell, the fun of Twitter is not in tweeting myself or in following people I know personally, but instead in following public figures -- celebrities, journalists, athletes, politicians, musicians. Here's what one gets from Stephen Colbert, for example:

I'm also enjoying Ezra Klein, Andy Roddick and Rob Dyrdek. Andy's life consists of four things: "going to the track," "practice," "eating!!!!!" and "watching the BB game". Dyrdek occasionally shares pics of his two bulldogs and seems to have a staff dedicated to finding funny youtube videos for him to share on Twitter. You could use it less for entertainment and more for utility: local businesses, theaters, restaurants, community organizations, non-profits, etc Twitter too.


love johnson said...

I don't follow Twitter, nor do I Tweet. I have enough on-line stuff I go through every day. Facebook is enough for me.

Stephanie said...

I've been disappointed with Facebook since its changes. Don't feel connected to people the way I felt before. News feed is all full of people's quizzes that I don't care about with no news about who's friending whom.

love johnson said...

I agree. Too many quizzes, not enough updates on my friends. It's like they have "younger-ized" it.