Sunday, July 12, 2009

Destination of the mystery trip was.......

Telluride, CO. My cousin, who lives in Boulder, has friends that live in Telluride (year-round residents) and has being trying to get us to come visit for a couple of years now. I've been to Telluride to visit with my cousin and her friends once before, but C has never been. Even if it had been a disaster, just getting away from the the over 100 degree weather in Dallas would have made it worth the trip. But we had a great time. Warmer than expected weather, rained just once, altitude didn't really effect us and really enjoyed the 4th (which is a HUGE deal in Telluride). The only negative was that I was promised a TomKat sighting, but from what I understand, they either weren't there or even if they were, they don't venture out from their 100 acre compound all that much. A few of the highlights:

  • 2 bighorn sheep standing just off a road, frozen like statues.
  • numerous deer sightings when C and I would walk in the mornings.
  • birthday dinner we cooked and ate overlooking the golf-course with the mountains in the background, windows open, sun setting, great wine and even better birthday cake.
  • driving a float in the 4th of July parade.
  • sitting as close as we could to the fireworks that night, soot falling on us and feeling the concussions of the fireworks that didn't quite make it high enough.
  • riding a motorcycle that had been modified to all electric - max speed supposed to be 18mph, but was (per the owner) " a bit more than that".
  • hiking up a trail above town (elevation change of 1,000 ft) to a waterfall and in the course of 10 minutes, having bright sunshine, rain and hail, then sunshine again.
  • the free gondola that goes from the Mountain Village above Telluride (where we stayed) into town that runs year round, from 6am to midnight. Even carries bikes. Awesome view and the easiest way to go back and forth.

We want to go back, C especially to ski. We just need to find a way to make getting there easier and quicker (much easier said than done). I want to go back for the 4th again, but this time I want to be on the float, not driving it!

Here are some pictures:

The view from the 2nd floor deck of the house we were staying in

The float I was driving, the Liki Tiki. It won funniest float. Last year they won Best in Parade.

"Men without Rhythm", doing a Blues Brother routine during the parade.

Me, driving the float, pointing to C and my cousin, telling the little kid to shoot them with his squirt gun.

Me, drinking from my fake Rum bottle. The real stuff was being enjoyed by the adults on the float during the parade.

"Irrational Exuberance", the group that won Best of Parade. Their theme was "Party like it's 2006" and they were sooooo funny. My favorite sign was "In Madoff we Trust". The ladies were wearing VERY skimpy, madri gras type outfits. It was difficult for me driving, as I was getting distracted and my co-pilot kept telling me stuff like..."don't look at that little blonde over there, wearing white and just coconuts".

Looking back from the 13th green. The house in the background was were I stayed on my first trip to Telluride back in the late 90's.

Many references in the parade to the failing economy. While Telluride is in some ways very conservative and traditional, it is also very liberal. Not many GWB fans that I ran across.

The town only has 2,500 residents, but George Clinton was going to appear at their Civics Center in a couple of weeks. The tax rate here is unreal.


Stephanie said...

Wow - looks like a great trip.

Can anyone enter a float?

love johnson said...

Residents or "locals" only I believe.

Stephanie said...

Just any people? or do they have to be affiliated with a group, association, business, etc?

Stephanie said...

Also, if I have a cousin who has friends who have friends who live in Telluride, can I go to Telluride and stay with them? What's one more degree of separation . . .

love johnson said...

Some were associations - most were just groups of friends.

Yes, you could probably go and stay there. It was a HUGE house (at least 6,000 sq ft) and we could have easily never seen our hosts if we didn't want to.