Monday, July 13, 2009

K's Grandma at Burr Oak

We have no information so far about whether K's grandmother's grave site was affected by the desecration. She was buried in 2004, so we hope her grave is too new to have been disturbed.

Here's a photo from her burial:
This photo was taken after she'd been lowered into the ground. (Her grave site is not where the family group is standing, but back and to the right where the astroturf is and where the two workers are standing. The group is dealing with flower transportion.) We had the impression that this was a "new" section of the cemetery. I notice in this picture that the turf is torn up in this big corner area of the cemetery, and now I'm wondering why. Shouldn't there either have been a) naturally-occurring weeds or b) lovely-tended sod? Here's hoping the turf was merely being prepared to receive sod.


Stephanie said...

BTW, I'm facing north to take this. I'm starting to see some directional/map info in the stories, so maybe that detail is of interest.

Stephanie said...

north and a teensy bit west

Stephanie said...

Michelle Obama's dad is buried at Burr Oak too: