Thursday, July 16, 2009

Twitter gaydar

I may have found the lowest form of Twitter entertainment. There's a website that reviews a Twitter user's feed and determines how hetero the user is. Mine is:

That makes me gayer than Adam Lambert:
73% Heteroadamlambert is 73% Hetero

and Barack Obama (or whomever writes his tweets):
61% HeteroBARACKOBAMA is 61% Hetero

and Ezra Klein (Is Ezra gay? Haven't heard):
78% Heteroezraklein is 78% Hetero

I suspect that it's being thrown off on my score because I follow "hotgaymess" who does a really good job of tweeting links to articles about gay political issues (but with an occasional link to free gay porn clips).

Still, I'm more hetero than MoDo:
18% Heteromaureendowd is 18% Hetero

and Ira Glass:

1% Heteroiraglass is 1% Hetero

Update: Sorry, formatting is all goofed up. Looked fine in preview.

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